Particulars Picks: My Kauai Travel Guide


Rentals: We stayed at a friend’s place in Hanalei Bay and it was magical. Only select homes come with rental licenses and you can book via Airbnb or vrbo. There are so many choices both on and off the beach. 

1 Hanalei Bay: This is the only large resort in this area and is slated to open Summer 2022. This was the iconic Princeville Resort but it is being redone, it has the most incredible views of the bay. 


The Limahuli Garden and Preserve: This is a great activity to do with kids. It’s beyond words gorgeous and lush. We took a walk looking at all the native plants and flowers. 

Turtle Cave: This secret cave is an unknown gem and a place to see huge sea turtles. Park in the neighborhood and pack your snorkels. You will see a stick, follow that and it will lead you on a path to a pitch black cave. Pop on your iPhone light so you can see all the sleeping sea turtles. At the end of the cave, put on your snorkeling gear and jump in the water to swim with the turtles. Magical!

Hoo’Pi Falls Hike: This is a great hike for kids. Park on the road and follow the dirt trail along a wide shallow rocky river. Hike about a half mile and jump off the rock then continue to the end to see a massive waterfall!


Hanalei Bread Co.: I literally ate here everyday and it did not disappoint. Amazing breakfast sandwiches and coffees. Grab a loaf of bread as a parting treat. 

Holey Grail Donuts: This truck is bright red and located with a bunch of other food trucks. These donuts are made from a taro root and pounded into a dough and fried in coconut oil. Get a box of four and try the different flavors. 

Wishing Well Shave Ice: Definitely order the rainbow shaved iced and grab a chai! The merch is super cute too.

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