Particulars Picks: Travel Edition Cabo


Palmilla: I stayed at Palmilla for the first time around 16 years ago when I was first dating my husband, Eddie. It’s a magical place that we have revisited for friend’s weddings, birthday parties, and just to escape and relax. The resort has everything: an incredible spa, rooms that are spacious, food that is beyond incredible, two pools—one for the kids and one for the adults—swim up bars…and so much more. Service is top notch too!

Nobu Hotel: We all know Nobu for their impeccable food, but they’ve also perfected their hotel game too. Their new Cabo property is a fully loaded hotel and the best perk of all is being able to score a table at Nobu any night of your stay.

Esperanza: Esperanza is part of the Auberge Hotel portfolio and I stayed there two years ago. Honestly though, I am not sure it would be my first choice for a return visit. It’s a little to massive and there is not easy access to the beach.


Flora Farms: I first came to Flora Farms around 10 years ago when it was about half the size it is today. Today the unreal property encompasses a bustling farm, restaurant, retail, spa, and homes. Don’t let the dirt road getting there fool you, it’s really full service! The pizzas are my favorite, and the gorgeous cocktails are a MUST. Plan on making an excursion out of your visit and spend a few hours hanging around and exploring the property.

ACRE: Located down the street from Flora Farms, this restaurant / Tree House Hotel is another must. It’s really off the beaten path and located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. Oh and its adults only…sorry kids!

Edith’s: This place is an institution in Cabo. The tableside Caesar is one of the best I’ve ever had and its located right in the heart of Cabo. You can’t go wrong.

Sunset Monalisa: The view of the Cabo Arches at Sunset is the reason to go here.



Dolphin Discovery: We did this with friends and our kids. Of course, one of my kids was terrified and the other loved it. It was a great experience overall once we were able to really get in with the dolphins.

Hotel San Cristobal: This is about an hour outside of Cabo and is an incredible day trip, especially if you love to surf. Stop by and grab a frozen rose at Hotel San Cristobal and hike up to the top of the mountain behind the hotel to see an incredible view of the ocean.

Santiago Oasis hike: I couldn’t believe there was a waterfall hike in the middle of Cabo San Lucas. It was about a 1.5 mile hike down to the unexpected waterfall where you can jump in and swim around. It’s a great hike for kids.



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