Classic White Sneakers

I shot this back in February but it seems fitting for my current mood and home lifestyle. I have a love for sneakers but nothing is better than purchasing a new crisp white sneaker. Here are some of my favs that I always have on repeat, especially now more than ever.

I paired this Zara sweatshirt dress with three of my go to white sneakers. I chose a different sock to wear with each one. I love the white high top Vans because that make me feel skater chic. My second go to are my Stan Smith velcro Adidas. I bought these Paris a few years back at Le Bon Marche! They make me so happy and literally go with everything. lastly, the white sneaker everyone needs is the classic white high top Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. I like to wrap the extra long laces around my ankle and wear with a colorful sock peaking out the top. These sneakers will complement any #WFH look and take you from spring into summer.


Chatting with Kavi Moltz of D.S. & Durga

For Kavi Moltz, co-founder of the fragrance house D.S. & Durga, perfume is armchair travel. And for these current times, we’ll take all of the escape we can get. The brand crafts magical, unusual scents that jog your memory bank and create new ones. Their stark, graphical approach to their packaging and product design makes their bottles, candles, and even car air fresheners, top shelf material.
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Chatting with Kelly Urban

AMO makes the kind of jeans that you want to (and can!) throw on first thing in the morning…just like they do in the movies. They are born from a place where comfort and fit are paramount, and that attention to detail makes for the perfect everyday pair. AMO is a thoroughly modern line but also references the heyday of vintage denim in sunny California, thus capturing a freewheeling spirit that imbues this LA-based brand. Kelly Urban, the co-founder and designer of AMO, has the recipe down: she keeps every season of their essential wardrobe staples fresh with a level of cool that’s just baked in. Our closet chock full of their pairs is straight up proof—we’re AMO loyalists for lyfe!
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Chatting with Danielle Fichera

We are in love with Danielle Fichera’s fine cotton resort wear. The pieces are refined and quite ladylike, but also have a classic, wearable ease—perfect for a day that starts at the farmer’s market, features an afternoon neighborhood stroll, and ends with a family dinner at dusk.
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