Classic White Sneakers

I shot this back in February but it seems fitting for my current mood and home lifestyle. I have a love for sneakers but nothing is better than purchasing a new crisp white sneaker. Here are some of my favs that I always have on repeat, especially now more than ever.

I paired this Zara sweatshirt dress with three of my go to white sneakers. I chose a different sock to wear with each one. I love the white high top Vans because that make me feel skater chic. My second go to are my Stan Smith velcro Adidas. I bought these Paris a few years back at Le Bon Marche! They make me so happy and literally go with everything. lastly, the white sneaker everyone needs is the classic white high top Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. I like to wrap the extra long laces around my ankle and wear with a colorful sock peaking out the top. These sneakers will complement any #WFH look and take you from spring into summer.


Sunny Situation

This is the summer of sun. We basically have to be outside for any type of social activity these days so let’s get our SPF (and masks!) on! I have been spending a ton of time at the beach with family and friends in San Diego and in LA which is why I have been slathering on a litany of sunscreens.
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Chatting with Deepika Chopra

Taking a trip to the doctor these days may stir up a lot of emotions—worry, anxiety, uncertainty. It’s only natural. However, a trip to Dr. Deepika Chopra, the OPTIMISM DOCTOR®, may set your mind at ease and help cultivate lasting happiness, resiliency, optimism, and success. Dr. Chopra uses touchstones that we can all relate to in order to help us tackle what currently seems to be an insurmountable mountain of “stuff”—from parenting and adulting, to working, to generally manifesting what you want. We’re so on board to reach our highest potential, self-heal, and grow with her sage help.
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Hats On

They are the ultimate bad hair day cover-up. Copious amount of COVID roots or greys? Throw a hat on. Crispy surf hair? Throw a hat on.
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