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Abby Arad is a stylist, master shopper, and loves the thrill of the hunt. She scours the racks for the best of the best and has turned that skill into a booming business. Abby took her style savvy and created Your Stylist Says, a place to find the perfect hat, visor, apparel and accessories. It's the stuff you need. Literally... the hat is perfect. We recently saw no less than 5 ladies wearing it as they walked the LA streets. Abby is a super talent, and we can't wait to see what she finds for us next!

Abby Arad - The Particulars
Abby Arad - The Particulars

MELISSA: Tell me how you got into styling and also how you started finding your own products that you love and that you sell?

ABBY: I have always worked in fashion. I love clothes, it is my true passion. I started working at a toy company out of college, always working on fun fashion-focused products. I worked at Disney and on Hannah Montana. From there I had a kids clothing line. I have always been into dressing people so becoming a stylist seemed like the logical next step. I was always dressing friends and dressing people for award shows, it just fell into place and really grew from there.

MELISSA: Do you have people come to your house or do you go to them? What is your process?

ABBY: It is mostly word of mouth. I work with a lot of comedians, they are the most wonderful, kind people. Those are my core group of clients and other people find me through them or through Instagram.

MELISSA: So interesting! Definitely a fun group of people to be around.

ABBY: To your question about finding products, my online store was totally a COVID pivot. I was styling, and things were going great and then March 2020 hit, and everything shut down. No one was dressing up or leaving their house. I thought that I would never work again, and it made me so sad. Fast forward to the summer, I had this lifeguard hat that I wore, and I noticed that I would always get comments about where it was from. It seemed like everyone liked it. One day I just had this “aha moment” to sell my hat. So, I found the wholesaler for the hat and I ordered some to sell online.

Abby Arad - The Particulars

MELISSA: I love how people can find something that they love and it takes off.

ABBY: Now I am back to styling and people are going out again and that is truly what I love.

MELISSA: What are your go-to brands? Do you lean towards anyone consistently?

ABBY: It always depends on where my clients are going. For shoes, I lean pretty hard on Stuart Weitzman—the nudist with the really high heel makes everyone’s legs look amazing. For men, I go a lot to Zegna and that is always a great fit and suit. For women, it depends on the occasion.

MELISSA: Do you think you will keep adding to your online shop? How do you find inspiration for that? Since styling is taking off again will you put that in the back seat?

ABBY: Absolutely I want to keep it going. It has been a great way to connect with people. I want to continue doing it. As I find things…I add them! I did a collab with an earring designer whom I love—we just did a California earring. I would love to do more collaborations and things of that sort.

Abby Arad - The Particulars

MELISSA: What is next are you travelling this summer? ABBY: Our family happy place is Utah so we are going to Deer Valley this summer with the kids. That is our family vacation spot. MELISSA: What are the must-haves that you take with you on vacation? ABBY: I really dress down on vacation, I really try to be comfortable with my kids. I love bike shorts and Hoka sneakers. I think they are so ugly that they are fashionable. I really lean into those. Of course, my hat is essential—it is sun protection and it is so comfortable. MELISSA: I bought my mom a pair of Hoka’s and she’s really not into sneakers. I pump them up so they seem more stylish! ABBY: The most comfortable sneaker aside from the Hoka is the Alexander McQueen sneaker. Love it. MELISSA: What are the top three things that you tell your clients that they must have in their wardrobe? Secretly asking for myself. ABBY: Always a bodysuit—this is Wolford—you can find it on Forward and on Shopbop, it is really classic. Skims too, I am such a Skims person. I always tell my clients to get Skims. I love a sneaker, it’s always good to have a classic sneaker. I love hoops and bold jewelry. RE/DONE Jeans, Mother Jeans—something with stretch that you will actually wear.

One day I just had this “aha moment” to sell my hat.

Abby Arad - The Particulars
Abby Arad - The Particulars

MELISSA: How many people are part of your team? How do you make everything happen?

ABBY: I don’t have a permanent team, I bring in help as I need it. The saying “when it rains it pours” is so accurate. Awards season, for example, can be so busy and we are swamped but at certain times of the year, there can only be one thing in a week. I bring in help when I need it but otherwise, I keep it lean.

MELISSA: What is one of your secret weapons? What is something you’d never give up on in your styling kit?

ABBY: Topstick. We tape and stick everything down. I never want anyone’s bra to show or their underwear to show. The Skims boob tape is the best tape. Kinesiology tape is amazing also—it really keeps everything intact.

MELISSA: Pro tips! Walk us through your particulars?

ABBY: Madeworn shirts. It is really too good not to share. It always makes an outfit. These shoeboxes are from the container store—I put a photo of my nice shoes on there, so I know what is in the box. It’s easy to do this when you stack them up. Chanel bronzer—it has no glitter in it. The Chanel crème bronzer is phenomenal, I can’t say anything bad about it. Bronzer makes me look alive. I am really into vintage Prada right now. I mean all Prada, but I just made a great vintage Prada shoe acquisition. I love the Anine Bing bra, it is such a sexy, basic bra.

MELISSA: Love everything. I need to try the bronzer

ABBY: It truly is the best