Chatting with Shari Siadat of TooD

TooD is the brainchild of Shari Siadat, a beauty entrepreneur and inclusivity activist. Shari celebrates the fierceness of individuality and self-expression and rejects the current “conceal and contour” set of beauty standards because they don’t serve her. With TooD, Shari has created a line of brow-centric products that add color and creativity to people’s maquillage. Like me, she is a mother, and wants her girls to live in a world that celebrates the beauty of being, without the pressure to conform.

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Particulars Picks: Top 5 Sh-ackets (shirt jacket)

The sh-acket really rumbled on the scene recently and has been gaining in popularity. Truth be told, I've always loved this style. It's the perfect transitional item and the weight and structure of the shirt / jacket combo makes for a really tailored feel. Plus you can button them, belt them, or just wear loose and free. Options!
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Particulars Picks: Travel Edition Del Mar, CA

My family has been going to San Diego since I was 5 years old. Since we were desert dwellers in Las Vegas, we needed to escape the heat and landed on the cute town of Del Mar. Del Mar is a small coastal town in San Diego. I am going to list all my favorite spots as it’s a place that’s like my second home.
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Chatting With Allison Statter

Allison Statter knows her stuff. From branding and talent management to hair barrettes and hoarding grey T-shirts, Allison is an expert and she applies this savvy mindset to all aspects of her life.

Chatting with Kavi Moltz of D.S. & Durga

For Kavi Moltz, co-founder of the fragrance house D.S. & Durga, perfume is armchair travel. And for these current times, we’ll take all of the escape we can get. The brand crafts magical, unusual scents that jog your memory bank and create new ones. Their stark, graphical approach to their packaging and product design makes their bottles, candles, and even car air fresheners, top shelf material.

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Chatting with Sarah Meyer

Sarah Meyer is an entrepreneur and creative that got into the fine foods game because she was simply sleuthing out the best caviar in town. Wanting to demystify the process and share the everyday joy that this sea-centric delicacy can bring, Sarah who had a long career in film and entertainment, decided to take the leap and embark upon becoming the leader of ROE Caviar. Her taste is impeccable and she’s here to remind all of us that eating caviar can be a joy any day of the week, not just on special occasions. Personally, I'm partial to her recommendation of eating it with buttered bread or on top of Cape Cod potato chips—nothing sounds better!
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Particulars Picks: Top 5 Clogs

Like stripes and tie dye, clogs are one of those things that I think never really go out of style. They phase in and out but I always keep them in my closet because they eventually circle back around. From neutrals to neon, here are some of my favorite pairs.
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