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Adrianna Costa

You likely know Adrianna Costa from her very successful television career.

This California native has interviewed stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and George Clooney!  She also runs her blog, Haute Mom’s Life where she shares helpful tips and tricks to navigating motherhood. We had the privilege of interviewing her at her home and raiding her amazing shoe collection!

MELISSA: Born and raised in Los Angeles, how would you describe your own personal style?

ADRIANNA: I am a jeans and t-shirt girl all the way. I also love the hippy vibe. I love everything from the 60’s and 70’s. My shoes are where my personal style truly shows. I literally don’t wear flats, even though I have 2 children under 5 years old. I am really 5’4” but I live like I am 5’7”. Since I’ve worn heels my whole life, so I now feel like that’s the actual size I am! Even my sneakers have a lift in them.

MELISSA: Working on the red carpet and in broadcast for many years, you got to dress up in your fair share of glamorous looks. Are there must haves for your outfit? Such as comfort or designer?

ADRIANNA: As far as fashion goes, the higher the heel, the closer to God. Solids always need to be fitted and make your shape stand out. What works on TV is so different than what works in person; patterns are not great and less really is more when it comes to working on TV. When you’re standing on a stage, color blocking is amazing. Everything needs to be fitted. When you wear loose blousy tops, it adds a lot of weight to you. Showing décolletage is always beautiful.

MELISSA: Any designers that you love to wear?

ADRIANNA: Tibi! I became familiar with Tibi mostly from The Real Real, because my whole wardrobe was from there. I’ll go online and look at stuff, and every time I find something I like, it’s Tibi. I just got a lace fitted body suit from them. Ralph Lauren is always classic to me. For shoes, Brian Atwood and Christian Louboutin. I don’t even care about comfort versus non-comfort, as long as it looks good! Vivian WestwoodChloéSplendid too! I also live in these Mavi jeans!

I love everything from the 60’s and 70’s. My shoes are where my personal style truly shows.

MELISSA: Tell us about Haute Mom’s Life. Why did you start the site and how often are you pursuing that?

ADRIANNA: More active now than ever. My business changed drastically around 2013-2015. I was at Extra for 3 years and things were just not the same. It wasn’t about getting the one big job anymore. It’s about diversifying. That’s where you make the money. So, I started Haute Mom’s Life as a blog for what I was going through and then started sharing tips and tricks for other moms to follow and it started doing very well. What I noticed recently, was that the more I would post, the more companies would come to me. It was another way to monetize. It’s a great outlet for me as it keeps me fresh on writing and give tips to mom’s going through the same thing.

MELISSA: Has your style changed at all since having your two children?

ADRIANNA: Totally. I love high-waisted mom jeans, but they’ve got to be sexy and hot. It’s all about comfort but still looking put-together. My heel height has also gone down an inch or two.

MELISSA: What are your top 3 shoes?

ADRIANNA: I am going to give a major shout out to Joyce Azria. Avec Les Filles is her brand. I also love the classic Casadei pump. I love these Chloe wedges.

MELISSA: Who is your style icon?

ADRIANNA: The usual suspects. Kate Hudson has an amazing, effortless, California style. She just owns it. Sienna Miller always gets it right. I love Georgia May Jagger, she’s just so cool and edgy. There’s also Kate Beckinsale who always looks phenomenal on red carpets. Just a goddess who saunters in.

MELISSA: What’s one accessory that you never leave your house without?

ADRIANNA: Tweezers. Does that count? I have this make-up bag that doubles as a clutch from Gucci.

MELISSA: Can you take us through a day in the life of Adrianna?

ADRIANNA: Every day is a little bit different. Wake up at the crack of dawn and straight to the coffee machine. Then I make breakfast with the kids and take Gibson to school around 9 am. About 3 days a week I’ll do yoga. I love hot yoga. I’ll then write my blog posts, have meetings, interviews for work, shoot with Steve Harvey one day, or another shoot with Local Now. I am spread thin, but the truth is that chaos is my sanity. I get stressed out when things are too mellow. I try to watch a good show before heading to bed by 9:30.

MELISSA: What shows are you watching right now?

ADRIANNA: I love The Sinner. If you haven’t seen The Assassination of Gianni Versace, that was amazing. I love Big Little Lies, it’s great for moms.

MELISSA: Any beauty/health musts or secrets?

ADRIANNA: When I was breastfeeding Sonnet, she was lactose intolerant, so I stopped all dairy. This is very L.A. of me, but it seems to work better for my system. It’s the smartest thing I ever did for myself. Also, no meat but some fish. I try to keep it mellow on the carbs. For beauty, I love rose water spray. I also love Hourglass concealer and highlighter.

Adrianna Costa - The Particulars Adrianna Costa - The Particulars Adrianna Costa - The Particulars Adrianna Costa - The Particulars