Amy Rosoff Davis

Personal Trainer, Chef, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Guru

Dedicated to helping others live their best life, it’s obvious Amy Rosoff Davis is one of the good ones. What began as a side gig, flourished into a lifestyle. Amy is known as Selena Gomez’s trainer in addition to being trainer to a long roster of other A-list celebs. On top of that, she is a dedicated mother, nutritionist, chef, and lifestyle guru. She is all about self-love, self-care, and finding your inner happiness.
Amy Rosoff - The Particulars
Amy Rosoff - The Particulars

The Everydays:

Morning Routine in 5 Words: 
Oxytocin, skincare, celery juice, Broc Shot, family
Favorite Work Uniform: 
The Great sweatsuit ... or anything cozy.
The tv show or movie you always recommend: 
White Lotus
Bedtime Routine in 5 Words:
Higher Dose PEMF Mat, skincare, book, Loftie, Harklinniken
Have you picked up any new hobbies as an adult?:
The art of juggling multiple careers and motherhood.

The Special Days:

Favorite Vacation Destination: 
Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic
Favorite way to relax or celebrate yourself: 
Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket, or full spectrum sauna
The best gift you’ve ever received: 
My children .. and my Chanel 2.55

Where We Can Find You:

Socials: IG @amyrosoffdavis
Where You Work: Everywhere.... from my pilates studio in the backyard to recording studios to soundstages, to client’s houses to my kitchen, to hotels around the world, and beyond...
What have you been up to since we last chatted?: Growing my brand. Raising children. Acting on tv shows and commercials. Voicing animated characters (catch me as HOPE on the Croods Family Tree on HULU and Peacock). Working with
brands I love. Making content with my social team. Streaming workouts on GLO. Training clients. Infrared sweating. Cooking nonstop. JugglHelping my husband open our new flagship store Portola Paints. Traveling for work and pleasure.

Amy Rosoff - The Particulars Amy Rosoff - The Particulars Amy Rosoff - The Particulars Amy Rosoff - The Particulars Amy Rosoff - The Particulars Amy Rosoff - The Particulars Amy Rosoff - The Particulars

More from Amy:

What’s your favorite healthy meal?
Grilled meat and grilled or roasted vegetable or salad.
Who has been your favorite person to train? Or what are some characteristics of the perfect client?
I have really become friends with a lot of my clients. I started training Hannah Simone this last year and we’ve become really good friends. She’s so funny. We just have so much fun. But I just love all of my girls.
Is there one job out of your many that you love more than the other?
I reached a point in my acting career where it wasn’t making me happy. Then Selena asked me to go on tour with her to help her train. Being on tour was an incredible experience. When I got back, my business started growing from a part-time job to more of a career. I realized how much happier I was working with people and making them feel good. I was talking about food and exercise, having fun listening to pop music and dancing or whatever. So, I started doing that more and it makes me really happy.