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Former model, actress and TV host, Catherine McCord, has been busy with her company Weelicious, a resource for parents and children to cook healthy, homemade and exciting meals. After seeing such great success, she then launched One Potato in 2015, an organic home meal delivery kit service. Catherine is a working mom, but she allowed us the opportunity to learn more about her story and success.

Catherine McCord - The Particulars

MELISSA: When did you develop a love for cooking and how did this all begin?
I was always really fascinated with cooking. My grandparents were farmers and we picked all of our food for the most part. From a young age, I became obsessed with different cultures, spicy food, and different flavors. As I just kept going on my journey I went to culinary school and the rest is what has happened with Weelicious and One Potato.
Was One Potato formed from being a mom at home, or did you talk to friends in need of having food delivered to them?
 It was really from people that kept coming to Weelicious saying that they’ve got all of the recipes and cookbooks but it’s exhausting to cook seven meals in a given week. There were other meal companies, but there was nothing that was for families, was organic food, and was what kids and adults wanted to eat. We really created the company to solve that need for families.
 Where do you source the food from?
 For the most part everything is from different farms that are Los Angeles based. All of our food is organic from the proteins to the fruits and vegetables. We want kids and families to have fresh and interesting produce. For example, we had these incredible chocolate persimmons that we included in one of our salads.

MELISSA: Where do you find inspiration for your meals and how often do you change them?
 We change it up every single week for One Potato. There are five original recipes every week and some will rotate. We always have a week to week One Potato family favorites which can be meals like Taco Tuesday or Meatball Thursdays for families that just want the same meals week after week because they love it.
What is your favorite dish to cook with your kids?
We’ll go to the farmers market on Sundays and the kids and I will pick whatever looks fresh. We’re always inspired by something we find, a different holiday or a different cuisine. We like to switch it up.
Do you have some tips for other parents when it comes to eating better with their kids?
I always let the kids lead and it’s always the easiest way to get them to try different foods. We’re trying to always keep up our garden and at this time of year when they walk out to school, they will grab some mints or beans. For my kids, I tend to find them creating or finding something that they love.
 How do you find time for yourself, having three kids and two full-time jobs?
There is no balance! You’re definitely sacrificing different things. Date night with my husband or dinner with my girlfriends is my ultimate pleasure. Sadly, there’s no exercise these days but I am constantly running around. Having a three-year-old is like lifting and cardio!

I’m obsessed with kitchen tools and anything that makes a mom’s life in the kitchen easier.

MELISSA: Are there any kitchen accessories you like when you’re cooking?
 I’m obsessed with kitchen tools and anything that makes a mom’s life in the kitchen easier. I use my air fryer and we make everything in it from Brussels sprouts, to shiitakes, to a whole chicken. I also love my hand mandolin, and my Wüsthof scissors that pull apart because I can cut herbs and chicken. There are certain tools in the kitchen that can make food taste better and make cooking much faster and easier.
Is there anything you like to wear when you cook?
 For me, it’s important if it’s wearable and it makes me feel good. I am a moody dresser and because I have so many different roles in my life, from being a cook to meetings, to a mom at school. Sometimes I want to be all black with a pair of pumps and I love blazers. You rarely see me in a tight dress because I just want to be comfortable.
Is there any accessory you can’t leave the house without?
I am almost always wearing my gold hoops, I always wear a watch my dad gave me and my engagement ring.
 If we were to raid your closet, which accessory do you have the most of?
 I really like shoes. I have a lot of vintage from modeling, I have a lot of Azzadine Alaïa from when I was 18 that I’m scared to get rid of because I have two daughters and I want to pass that down.
What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day is being up much earlier than anyone else. Around 6 am I’ll check emails for twenty minutes, make breakfast, race to get dressed and take the kids to school around 8 am. I am either at the office or I’m in a lot of meetings. By the afternoon, I always try to have family dinner and detox the kids from their phones. In the evening, I am generally back to work until 10 or 11 pm.
Do you have any advice for people or entrepreneurs who are starting off? When you started Weelicious, did you ever think it would be where it is today?
My advice is only to do it if you are absolutely obsessed with your product or service. You better love it because you’re going to be telling the same story over and over again. It’s that one thing you’ve got to be hyper passionate about because there is that authenticity, it’s going to shine through if it is something that you love. Just know that if you’re starting a company, there is no part-time work – it is 24-7 and you need to set realistic expectations for yourself. I never knew Weelicious would get to this point and I can’t wait for the journey to continue.

Catherine McCord - The Particulars Catherine McCord - The Particulars Catherine McCord - The Particulars Catherine McCord - The Particulars


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