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Daun Dees is literally energy personified. She crackles and sparkles and zips and zags with a real dose of effervescence. Daun puts all that pizazz into her burgeoning jumpsuit empire, Rivet Utility. Rivet’s functional, chic, and essential jumpsuits are the favorite uniform of a certain kind of LA-lady and thanks to the line’s explosive growth, also has women from coast-to-coast clamoring for the effortless pieces. We had such a grand time with Daun; trying on jumpsuits, talking about our collective need for readers (glasses), our favorite crystals, and so much more.

Daun Dees - The Particulars
Daun Dees - The Particulars
Daun Dees - The Particulars

MELISSA: Tell me about how Rivet? How did you start it and how did you come up with the name? 
: I was schoolteacher in my previous life, and I knew I did not want to be a schoolteacher any longer. After raising 5 kids, I knew I was done. I have moved a lot and have decorated a ton of houses. I knew I did not want to do that again, so three years ago I was at a JTD Halloween parade (my kids school), and I watched this pack of fourth grade girls dressed like Rosie the Riveter come out and I turned to a friend and was like “I am going to make jumpsuits.” There was something about watching those young girls that was so powerful, they were cute and confident. There was just something about that moment that started my journey. 
I wanted to dive into the journey of learning, and I wanted to figure it out myself. I loved learning so much about this city, as I am not from here. My nephew and I did all this research, and we found this incredible place in downtown LA called The Evans Group— it is a one stop shop. They are incredible, super helpful, and I have all these ideas of what I wanted this jumpsuit to look like. I tried to home in on the fit— it took two years. I was loving the experience of developing the jumpsuit. Flashforward a few months, and we had a flood in our house! Water gushing from every vent! I had to put jumpsuits on hold as we re-built this house. The universe was telling me I shouldn’t do jumpsuits. Then COVID hits and it was a trifecta effect. The summer after COVID, I was in the Hamptons and a friend said to me “Daun you need to launch your jumpsuits!. Our website was live on September 27th during COVID. It then started growing organically, I was adamant about it resonating with people naturally and really set out to have a great product where people would open the box and say that they underpaid for it and are psyched to have it. I want people to love it, feel good in it, and feel confident. 

I wanted to dive into the journey of learning, and I wanted to figure it out myself.

MELISSA: What does the name mean? 
: The name was because of Rosie the Riveter. I was going to call it Daun Dees, but that didn’t sit right. The same friend who encouraged me to launch it said I should call it “Rivet”—it so utilitarian. A Rivet holds things together, so I think of myself and the company literally holding things together. It will only ever be jumpsuits. Everyone keeps asking “what’s next”…but this is it. 

Daun Dees - The Particulars

MELISSA: Getting dressed is so hard without a jumpsuit. What is your nemesis, choosing tops or bottoms?
DAUN: Choosing bottoms. 
MELISSA: What was your first jumpsuit you ever owned outside of this line? What is your dream jumpsuit (besides your own)?
DAUN: Dickies. I love Stella McCartney jumpsuits. She brought them forward and taught me how to wear them out at night. 
MELISSA: They are so chic. What is the most outrageous place you’ve worn your jumpsuit? 
DAUN: In the pool!
MELISSA: How did that happen?
DAUN: I jumped in!
MELISSA: That is amazing! What do you keep in your jumpsuit pockets? Do you wear them every day? 
DAUN: Sunscreen, crystals, and a hair clip. Yes, I do— everywhere and every day! 
MELISSA: You are your best spokesperson. What is your favorite/most meaningful crystal? 
DAUN: Amethyst for protection—not everyone has your best interest, especially in the industry. That has been the surprise in this journey, all the lessons I have learned about myself. I have a lot of amethyst for protection. 

MELISSA: What is next on the horizon for next season? 
: Velour. Lots of stretch. Jersey knit. Corduroy and denim. So excited about the denim it holds you in and is super stretchy, it is like the Spanx of denim. And lastly, a workout one. 
: YES! I am ready to wear leotards! 

Daun Dees - The Particulars
Daun Dees - The Particulars
Daun Dees - The Particulars