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Jess Rona

Jess Rona is a particular kind of LA stylist, she is the go to Hollywood groomer for all your pets needs, Instagram powerhouse and Tik Tok guru. With a new show Haute Dog now streaming on HBO Max. Jess is the kind of cat lady you didn't know you needed in your life to help transform your pets style.

MELISSA: What is your particular morning routine and particular nighttime routine?
My morning is walking dogs, coffee specifically a pour over and I must have my coffee with coconut milk and honey. For nighttime, whatever I feel like doing that night!
 What are your go to brands that are particular to you? Tell us your go-to denim, white t-shirt, bra or underwear, shoes, PJ’s or brand you splurge or invest in?
 SHOES: Honestly, I love anything vintage especially vintage mumus! A few of my fav brands are No. 6 clogsEverlane underwear and I am obsessed with A.C.N.E sweats.
What is your particular vice?
JESS:For me it’s, mac n cheese and reality dating shows specificallyLove Island Australia.
MELISSA:What is your particular travel destination?

"Jess Rona is to dogs as Vidal Sassoon is to the Bob Cut." Katy Perry

Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter twenty.

MELISSA: What particular favorite meal to cook?
JESS: Baked chicken thighs with veggies! Super simple recipe just season and roast at 400 degrees for 35-45 mins (or until the inside is at 165 degrees) depending on the size and pair with roasted veg of choice. Super easy and delicious.
MELISSA: What particular thing that makes you feel scared, anxious, happy, excited or cry?
JESS: For me a major growth in my life is scary. Another thing that is scary to me is if I put my heart and soul into a project and I show it to someone for feedback. A real pet peeve is when my clients leave the front door of my shop open!
MELISSA: What particular business advice you would give someone who is just getting started in their career?
JESS: Your business is a reflection of you as a person. It’s a living breathing entity that grows with you as you grow. Focus on personal development, self awareness with boat loads of self compassion. When you are equal parts terrified and excited you are in the sweet spot for growth. Go easy on yourself because owning a business can be both lonely and hard.
MELISSA: Anything you’re particularly obsessed with at the moment?
JESS: Interior Design.
MELISSA: Particular thing you wish you made more time for or prioritize more?
JESS: My health and my friendships, really.

MELISSA:What was a particular turning point in your life?
JESS:When I was just sooo sick of being broke, I decided to make a change after reading Jen Sincero’s,You Are A Badass At Making Money.
MELISSA:What particular thing that your younger self wouldn’t believe that you’ve done now?
 That I run my own business!
 What particular person dramatically impacted your life?
My husband, Eric. He is SO supportive and has helped me step into the very best version of myself that I am today!

MELISSA:What’s the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
My mom loaned me a very generous amount of money to help me open my own shop. I am so thankful for her!
What particular misconception people have about you or what you do?
JESS:Everybody thinks I just play with dogs all day, and that it is super easy and happy all the time. This is just not the case at all. Like I said, running your own business is hard and you do so many jobs.
MELISSA:Tell us what particular moment you are most proud of?
When I created For The Love of Dog! I created, directed, and produced my own web series. It was a huge accomplishment!