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Kat Jamieson is one of the chicest lifestyle bloggers I'm currently obsessed with. She is the creative mind behind the travel app With Love From Kat Travel App; a curated travel app featuring 30 of the chicest cities around the world. I cannot wait to read the latest from her new book, which is sure to be insightful and tasteful with guidance to hosting the perfect party, and living well.

MELISSA: What is your particular morning routine and particular nighttime routine?
KAT: I drink hot lemon water, followed by a homemade green juice every morning. I meditate for 20 minutes. At night, I love to unwind and watch a Bravo show in bed with my husband and dog Charlie.
MELISSA: What are your go to brands that are particular to you? Tell us your go-to denim, white t-shirt, bra or underwear, shoes, PJ’s or brand you splurge or invest in?
KAT: Re/Done makes the best jeans. Velvet makes the best Ts. I love Nippies as a bra, and Hanky Panky thongs. Aquazzura heels are the best. Zimmermann dresses are a splurge worthy investment and I impulse buy Toteme pieces.

MELISSA:What is your particular vice? 
KAT: Dark chocolate and sweets in general.
MELISSA:What is your particular travel destination? 
KAT: St. Barths, Nantucket and Capri!
MELISSA:What particular item in your closet could you never part with?
KAT: My classic black Chanel bag I’ve had since I was 21.
MELISSA:Anything you’re particularly obsessed with at the moment?
KAT:My newKhaitetote bag.
MELISSA:Particular thing you wish you made more time for or prioritize more?
KAT:Self care and shopping in person – I haven’t had a facial in ages and I order everything online and rarely go shopping in person (except when I travel which is such a treat.)
MELISSA: What is one particular thing you wish you never said or wore or bought?
KAT: I wish I kept more of my clothes over the years. I tend to sell/gift/purge my closet frequently, and there are a few gems I should have held onto because they’re back in style!
MELISSA:What is your favorite go-to meal to cook?
KAT:My family’s famous teriyaki salmon; consists of sugar, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, garlic, and ginger in a bag to marinate overnight! So easy and delicious.

Sacrifices must be made in order to succeed - there really is no shortcut to success.

MELISSA: What was a particular turning point in your life?
KAT: I struggled with my digestion for years, and finding out I had a histamine intolerance 4 years ago changed my life. I felt SO much better after refining my diet, and no longer suffered from brain fog, unexplained weight gain and food sensitivities.
MELISSA: What particular thing that your younger self wouldn’t believe that you’ve done now?
KAT: Moved to the suburbs (Fairfield County, CT)! I always thought I’d live in NYC or a major city, but I am shocked at how much I love it out here. Everything is so green and peaceful.

MELISSA: What particular business advice you would give someone who is just getting started in their career?
KAT: Work your butt off – nothing comes easy. Work weekends, work late nights, whatever it takes to make it work. Sacrifices must be made in order to succeed – there really is no shortcut to success.
MELISSA: What particular moment inspired you to start your company?
KAT: I was an interior design student and had graduated from college a semester early. I needed a creative outlet after graduating, so I started my blog that spring. It was something I did for fun – but it quickly grew – and less than 2 years later I was working with dream brands like Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren.
MELISSA: What is a particular thing we forgot to ask that you want to tell us?
KAT: I’m really proud of the Travel App I built from scratch 7 years ago! It’s the first influencer created Travel App, and I love updating it after every trip I go on. I hope you’ll download it! I’m also coming out with a wellness focused cookbook where I share inspiring tablescapes, recipes and more about my health journey in October, available for pre-order now.