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Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald is a wife, mother, and real estate mogul as Vice President of the Oppenheim Group, and star on the best binge worthy docu-reality series, Selling Sunset.

MELISSA: What is your particular morning routine and particular nighttime routine?
I must have coffee FIRST thing before I do anything else!
 What are your go to brands that are particular to you?
 Honestly, I love love anything Valentino.
What is your particular vice? 
MARY:That’s an easy one, a glass of wine after a long day!
MELISSA:What is your particular travel destination?
MARY:Italy! I adore Rome and Venice.

Take it easy and enjoy the process of everything.

MELISSA:What particular favorite meal to cook?
MARY:Pasta is basically the only thing I can cook. My go to recipe is the garden meatless crumbles, egg noodles combine with a tomato and basil pasta sauce add cinnamon and nutmeg some salt and pepper to taste and you have the prefect meal.
MELISSA:What particular thing that makes you feel scared, anxious, happy, excited or cry?
MARY:Any sort of goodbyes make me cry, even on TV or in person. I feel anxious being in large crowds with people just staring at me, I am like come introduce yourself! I am always happy to chat or take a selfie!
MELISSA:What particular business advice you would give someone who is just getting started in their career?
MARY:I would have to say, go with a company that has a mentor program of sorts. Also, always be a sponge to the people you see doing really well and admire. I watch everything they do, take it all in and most importantly make it your own. Everyone can’t do the same thing but you can put your own spin on it. These people/mentors are successful and in their position for a reason, so watch and learn.
MELISSA: Anything you’re particularly obsessed with at the moment?
MARY:Yes! Themedicube Age-R derma.
MELISSA:Particular thing you wish you made more time for or prioritize more?
MARY:My husband, Romain.

MELISSA:What was a particular turning point in your life?
MARY:There were several turning points, one was when I had my son, when I got my real estate license and when Netflix picked up our show,Selling Sunset,and finally when I met my husband Romain.
MELISSA:What particular thing that your younger self wouldn’t believe that you’ve done now?
MARY:That I became famous! Haha!
 What particular person dramatically impacted your life?
That’s an easy one for me, Jason – this is my life! Just from a personal stand point, I was able to grow and gain so many amazing friends through him. I really met everyone that I am friends with now through him, aside from Amanza. My career has expanded so much because of him and being apart of the Oppenheim Group.

MELISSA:What’s the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
My mom watched my son for me for a short period of time so I could move to LA and follow my dreams. I wanted to do something big! Because of her I was able to move out here and get started creating a life for us, without having to drag him around.
When was a particularly challenging time in your life that you were able to grow/learn from?
MARY:My most challenging time was when I moved back from London, away from my ex-husband as our relationship was very unhealthy. I pretty much left everything behind. I had to absorb a huge amount of his debt but I finally made it back to the US. This moment made me realize how much more I deserved and that I deserve not to settle. This experience made me motivated to get my wealth back!
MELISSA:Tell us what particular moment you are most proud of?
October 12th, 2019. I married the man of my dreams and sold my wedding venue at the same time on my wedding day.  It was a 2-in-1!