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Sam Gutstadt

Sam Gutstadt is a triple threat: she's a mom, a meme machine, and mega creative. When she's not making us LOL in her videos online, you can find her as one half of the hilarious "Don't Call Me Mommy" comedy duo as well as producing the addictive podcast, "Where the Bodies Are Buried." Sam's always a fun chat because she keeps it in perspective with a sincere smile on her face.

MELISSA: Tell us about your journey being a jack of all trades. How do you manage all of this and how did you start out?
SAM: I always joke with my comedy partner that it is okay to be a multi-hyphenate. But back in the day when I first came to LA it was not okay to be a multi-hyphenate. I have been an actress since I was a kid, and I went to film school where I added being a producer, writer, and director because I enjoy doing all of it. However, when I came to LA people told me not to say what I was, they said just to say that I am an actress —you have to pick if you do comedy or drama.  I felt like I was always put in a box and after becoming a mom I realized if I was going to be on set all day it better be awesome. I started creating my own stuff – and added everything on. I started a blog; I strategically grew my social media with a business mind-set – growing that side helped me open more doors. I took my Instagram off private and started to grow my account. Along with my blog —I was writing for different outlets — for parents for bustle and some other celebrity blogs. I then joined forced with my business partner Haley and that is when we started “Don’t Call Me Mommy” which has grown into a content studio. This put us on the map we got 9 million views on the series and that launched us as content creators with some credibility. We have worked with so many great brands that work with moms but now we are branching out from our lane. The playful side with fashion and beauty for moms is fun for me — if you can find things that work with life as a mom it is easy to do well — moms appreciate that.

MELISSA: How do you keep your creative juices flowing? How do you plan and get inspired? 
SAM: I always like to take from real life. I think the funniest moments come from our everyday moments. The things that we look like that were tough in the moment — are good to find the humor in. Whether it is a hard day, hard moment with my kids, a moment of feeling “bleh” —there is that humor in it. I write ideas down in my phone, and I try to write out seven ideas in a week. I try to make this quick. You can make everything so quick in the digital space — you can write it and then go shoot it the next day. Not everything lands – things that I think can be a huge hit may not be. Some things resonate, and others don’t. 
MELISSA: Amazing. You also just had a baby — tell us about baby Eden?
SAM: The Journey with Eden was so different. First try — I didn’t know anything about my body or fertility. I was 30 and 32 with my boys when I got pregnant. I didn’t know anything, and therefore the journey was simple. In hindsight I appreciate Eden’s journey being a little longer and different because it gives me a big appreciation for what a lot of my friends go through. We tried for about a year and needed help this time around. We then found out I am allergic to all the drugs needed for the IVF process. We made embryos and we actually got luckily and made a lot. My doctor then asked if I would be comfortable having a surrogate because we can’t do this part. I didn’t know enough about this and we got matched with an amazing family of June of 2020 and we were pregnant in November. It all went so quickly. We knew Eden was a girl and what was so weird is knowing so much about these embryos. It was wild that someone else was carrying her, and it was so interesting being the other person. I was one person removed from it all. For anyone that ever has questions about it — I am happy to share this story, I would love to be a resource to anyone who is looking to explore that path.

MELISSA: Now that we are coming out of COVID where are you excited to go and what are you excited to wear? 
SAM: I am excited to go everywhere. Croatia is a trip I have been manifesting forever! We are going to go this summer and I want to wear amazing Mediterranean styled dresses—showing a lot of skin, with lots of great colors and have all the fun. I want to go back to Cabo and want to wear like hot pink, whites, and bright. I also want to go to Tokyo so badly—not sure what I would wear yet, something high fashion. The men and women there have so much fun with fashion. I also would love to go to Columbia and Mexico City. I have so much fun putting my wardrobe together before trips, it is one of my favorite parts.  
MELISSA: Love the commitment. Show us some of your favorite particulars. 
SAM: My first favorite particular is the 90-jean trend —I got these jeans pinched in at the back, so they fit perfectly. I love this cropped silk shirt, this can be worn with anything, silk pants, jeans, skirt, leather shorts. I am embracing my 90s moment because I am a 90 kid—I love it all especially the chunky, gold chains.