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Sarah Harrelson

Sarah Harrelson is the founder and the editor in chief of Cultured Magazine. Her passion for contemporary art, design and fashion over decades long career has allowed her to enjoy her passion of cultivating her own magazine where she highlights curators and collectors alike. She is always diving deeper to talk about what is important and that is why we'll continue to follow her next move.
What is the particular moment you’re most proud of?
SARAH: Besides the birth of my children, I am most proud that I started Cultured Magazine 10 years ago.
MELISSA: What is a particularly challenging time in your life you were able to grow from?
SARAH: The most challenging time of my life was when I lost my mother to breast cancer when she was 58. While this is not necessarily a learning lesson it certainly made me grow and become more self-reliant as experiencing the loss of a parent stretches you to the limits of what you’re capable of and ultimately is a reminder to value the time with the ones you love.
MELISSA: What is the nicest gift you ever received?
SARAH: My dear friend recently got me a Joan Didion Seth Bogart ceramic for my birthday that sits in a special spot on my living room table at home.

Sarah Harrelson - The Particulars

MELISSA:What is your particular travel destination?
 Favorite meal to cook?
 Spicy fusilli
What particular item in your closet or home that you could never part with?SARAH:My Chanel suit from 1998
MELISSA:What particular thing makes you feel anxious or scared?
SARAH:Deadline and it will always be deadline.
MELISSA:What particular thing you would have told your younger self?
SARAH:Lighten up.

Sarah Harrelson - The Particulars Sarah Harrelson - The Particulars