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Simone LeBlanc - The Particulars

MELISSA: Simone LeBlanc was created out a void that you noticed in the market. What were you and your clients looking for that just wasn’t out there?
SIMONE: I was working previously as a personal stylist and my clients began to ask me about gifting. It began with the holiday season, then Valentine’s Day, then every birthday – but nothing I was sourcing felt quite right. We wanted something that felt luxury and hand-picked but didn’t feel like it was one of the big lux brands, like Louis Vuitton.
I started doing custom gifts for them and doing bespoke gifting – everything from making books to beautifully curated gift boxes. However, when I was searching for gift boxes nobody had done them in a way that felt chic.
I thought, if I need these, so do others.
MELISSA: What was in the first-ever gift box you created?
SIMONE: It was really special! It was an XO box. I wanted something that was appropriate for anyone you love – partner, friend, sibling. I made one for him and for her.
Her included pale lavender and floral elements with a French lavender oil and dried flower petals and fresh florals.
Him was savoury, dark, and very masculine.
I sold my first 7 and was so excited! Then word started to spread, and it picked up.
MELISSA: Let’s create a mini gift guide. What Simone LeBlanc products would you gift your mom? Your sister? Your BFF? Your partner? Children’s teacher? Hostess?
SIMONE: Best friend: Beauty Suite
Teacher’s Gift: Staycation or Relax and Renew
Husband: The man of good taste box. It’s approachable, distinguished, and classic – kind of like my husband!
Hostess –Joyful morning. The morning after the event, just relax and enjoy – I would add champagne to it, too!

I love contrasting masculine and feminine styles. That really translates to the business as well. 

MELISSA: The Leather Catchall is the perfect accessory for the girl with lots of jewelry. What would we find in your Catchall?
SIMONE: It’s a mix of old and new and natural elements – you might find an old shell, a crystal, and a matchbook. Also, some of my favorite and most important jewelry pieces.
MELISSA: What particular accessories do you never leave the house without?
SIMONE: Lately, it’s really been this Quarry cuff that I love. It’s so simple. I also love layering necklaces. Ross, my husband, loves to gift me necklaces that have a story behind them. And of course, my wedding ring!
MELISSA:  Simone LeBlanc has a very chic minimalist aesthetic to it. Is this a reflection of your personal style? Describe your personal style.
SIMONE: My personal style is a mix of a relaxed, classic, and romantic feel. I love contrasting masculine and feminine styles. That really translates to the business as well.
MELISSA: If we were to raid your closet, what is the one accessory we would find most of?
SIMONE:  I’m obsessed Victorian bangles. These cuffs, although vintage, feel so modern to me. Spikes contrast with hand-etched florals. They are so interesting.

Simone LeBlanc - The Particulars Simone LeBlanc - The Particulars Simone LeBlanc - The Particulars Simone LeBlanc - The Particulars