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Zahava Ryzman

Sarah Chloe jewelry attracts fans like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and many more. Zahava Ryzman founded the brand with the importance and value of high-quality jewelry design and craftsmanship and has been featured in top national media publications including Vogue, and ELLE. We had a chance to know more about Zahava’s background starting out in the jewelry industry.

MELISSA: What inspired you to start your business?
 In 2007, I was working in the Diamond industry in New York. I had my eldest daughter Sarah at the time. Everyone had the personalized necklaces, but I wanted to make something fresh, different and think outside of the box from that. I made myself a personalized bangle and everyone loved it, it was really well received. I decided to launch my own line in January of 2009 – we’re now at our ten-year anniversary. What inspired it was this personalized element of my daughter’s initials on our signature bangle – that bangle continues to be our best seller. I launched the line with personalization at the corner stone of the collection, and little by little as the line grew with more interest, customers and retail partners, I just kept on expanding into wherever my creative vision or energies brought me. Whether it be fine jewelry or fashion pieces – I just kept on expanding and let it organically flow and develop.
 Do you make everything here in LA?
 We are primarily based out of New York City, our office in LA is purely a satellite office that we opened recently as we expand to the west coast. Our production is also based out of New York, but like I said as we expand as we expand out west, we are staring to add production elements in LA.

MELISSA: How do you get inspiration for new collections?
 It’s life, travel and my daughters. My two eldest daughters always give me advice, like recently they told me to add more color into the collections. I’m introducing gemstones now in the new line we’re doing, in celebration of the ten-year anniversary and they’ve really motivated that rainbow and gemstone element. Otherwise, I have a very specific aesthetic and most of my designs tend to be pieces that I would wear on my own.
 What does your day look like normally?
 The day starts super early. Start by getting the kids ready for school, hustling out the door and getting everyone moving. Because our primary production is based out of New York, as soon as my girls are dropped off, I hit the ground running because it’s through New York time. I’m a bit behind the first few hours of the day, and many of our retail partners are also in the east coast or New York. Once I get to a place where things have moved along, I will always try to catch a spin class or do something that will get me moving. Otherwise it’s very much divided up to the different elements of the brand that I handle which include; design collection, product development and brand development. There is always something to be done.
 Do you have any self-care regimes?
 When I’m consciously there, I’ll make that effort and I’ll be sure to get my nails done on a regular basis or do other small things. I don’t have a specific schedule, but anytime I do any self-care, I often think to myself “I have to do this more often”. Taking a spin class always helps and makes me feel motivated. I like being with my kids, it’s always a fun energy to be around them.

I don’t have a specific schedule, but anytime I do any self-care, I often think to myself “I have to do this more often”.

MELISSA: Besides jewelry, what would be your next favorite accessory?
 I love shoes. I love to put on a minimalist look and then have an accent shoe, either a bright pop of color or an embellishment that feels fresh. I love a nude shoe as well.
 What is an item that you can’t leave the house without?
 Something gold, whether that be a simple ring band, a statement ear or a simple necklace, I love gold, I think it works with my skin tone.
 Do you have any advice for people starting out in their careers?
 To seek out people that can offer advice for whatever fields they’re in, and to always be open to listening to advice. Everyone always has some experience or some opinions on topics that can be very beneficial to learn from. I think reading a lot from places like the Business of Fashion, or industry magazines, whether it’s in fashion, or finance, whatever the case may be, read because it really helps you associate those learning tools to whatever is going on with your personal business.
 What is next for your brand?
 I’m always open, that’s what I love most about this. You just kind of go with the flow, and you allow the organic growth. You can look back and think to yourself that it wasn’t initially how you planned it out, and this is where the trajectory of the plan or idea went. Right now, for our ten year we are launching a sister label just in time for Mother’s Day, that is a little bit of a different direction. It allowed a chance for me to sit back and think “what is my next step or development?”. A storefront would be great as well, and we have partnered up with a lot of exciting people that I really admire and are inspired by.


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