A Guide to Wearing Denim in the Workplace

Gone are the days when denim is strictly relegated to casual Fridays. In today's evolving work culture, fashion norms are shifting, and denim is making its mark as a staple in professional wardrobes. But before you swap out your pencil skirt for a crisp straight leg, it's essential to understand the unspoken rules of styling denim in the workplace.

A Guide to Wearing Denim in the Workplace - The Particulars

Opt For Dark Wash
Sophistication is embodied in well-fitted dark-washed jeans like Reformation's Wilder High Rise Wide Leg Jeans. They strike a perfect balance between style and functionality. For a refined yet relaxed office look, style them with White + Warren's Essential Cashmere V Neck.

Avoid Rips and Holes
It goes without saying that rips and holes are a big no-no for workplace wear. If you are looking for a silhouette similar to trousers you'll want to checkout LouLou Studio's 'Attu' jeans. Founder Chloé Harrouche, suggests styling them with ballet flats for a timeless and polished appearance.

"Great jeans, great belts, and great shoes go a long way in accomplishing a chill yet put together look."

Founder of Pistola Denim, Grace Na's take on what dressing professionally means in 2024.
Learn more from Grace in our recent interview.

A Guide to Wearing Denim in the Workplace - The Particulars

Pleated Denim Will Do No Wrong
For those seeking a trouser-inspired look, Citizens of Humanity presents denim trousers with crisp pleats and a relaxed fit. A perfect blend of formality and comfort, these trousers make a statement in any workplace setting.

Shoes Matter
To keep your look polished and professional, shoe choice is important. Finish your fit with a pointed mule, sleek slingback, or a well-fitting flat.

A Guide to Wearing Denim in the Workplace - The Particulars

Elongate Your Look With a Wide Leg
Pistola and Agolde showcase wide-leg options that seamlessly complement heels, creating an elongating silhouette. Perfect for both casual and professional occasions.

Denim in the workplace is no longer a taboo. Whether you're drawn to the easy elegance of a wide-leg silhouette or the timeless charm of a classic slim fit denim has unmistakably secured its position in the office. Now it’s about time we work on sneakers, wouldn’t you say?