Here’s How We’re Wearing Skinny Jeans in 2023

Bear in mind; we aren’t talking ultra tight skinnies we couldn’t get enough of all early 2000s, but rather a more relaxed fit that is still slowly digressing toward the style we all once knew and loved, maybe a little too much. It could be because we already have too extensive a repertoire in our closets, but brands and fashion creators are looking for ways to freshen up the look of tight-fitting denim. We’re listening… and from what we’ve gathered, here are the outfits that can pass with the newly revamped skinny-fit jean.

1.Paired with high boots
This gives you that tailored look without actually exposing the full skinny. Mid-length cowboy or structured boots work best for some breathing room and a relaxed look.

2.A long jacket to not draw too much attention
We’re giving the spotlight to a long jacket by ensuring the boots continue the flow, not interrupted by a shoe with a low cutoff.

3. A dark wash
Different denim washes give skinny jeans a refreshed look that would work better in your 2023 wardrobe.

4. A monochromatic look
Keeping things simple is also keeping things modern. When shopping for your perfect pair of skinnies, make sure they match really well with the rest of your wardrobe.