Home Design Trends We're Seeing & Loving

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, staying up-to-date with the latest home decor trends is essential for transforming your living space into a stylish sanctuary. Whether you're a seasoned decor enthusiast or just looking to refresh your home, 2023 has brought forth a wave of exciting, visually stunning, and practical trends.

Scalloped Edges

Scalloped edges are a timeless and versatile design element that complements a range of aesthetics, including contemporary, coastal, Art Deco, and classic styles. Adding scalloped edges to your home can bring a touch of playfulness and romance. Start by jazzing up your space with scalloped trims on items like curtains, cushions, or hand towels. Look for furniture pieces with scalloped details, and don’t forget to consider scalloped frames for your mirrors or artwork—they can elevate your walls’ sophistication. The key here is balance; a well-placed scalloped accent can make a significant style statement without going overboard in your decor.

Bright Pops of Color

Bringing lively pops of color into your living spaces is a straightforward way to infuse them with personality and fresh energy. Think about adding a splash of paint to an accent wall, introducing colorful furniture pieces, and tossing in some eye-catching throw pillows. Hang up vibrant artwork, lay down a bold area rug, or choose statement lighting fixtures that catch the eye. Don’t overlook colorful curtains, drapes, and charming accessories like vases and frames. Strive for that perfect mix, and your home will effortlessly radiate both style and a vibrant ambiance.

Bold Marble

While marble has long been cherished for its timeless elegance and neutral shades, it’s taking on a new life in rich and striking colors, from deep emerald greens to dramatic blacks and vibrant pinks. To infuse this bold marble trend into your home, consider selecting vibrant varieties for countertops or stylish furniture pieces like coffee tables. And don’t overlook smaller decor details like vases, candleholders, and accessories. Combining bold marble with complementary colors, making the most of natural light, and ensuring regular maintenance will help you achieve elegance and sophistication in your living spaces.