Margot Robbie’s Off-Duty Style

We're pulling out the magnifying glass to uncover some of Margot Robbie's best street style looks. While being cast 'Barbie' is no surprise, some may be shocked to find out that Margot has serious personal styling chops. We quickly found off-screen Margot Robbie looks that still deserve an award.
Margot Robbie’s Off-Duty Style - The Particulars
Margot Robbie’s Off-Duty Style - The Particulars
Let’s momentarily divert attention from her charming rendezvous with Ken and focus on a curated collection of Margot’s most essential outfits, shall we?
  • Starting with a very strong three-piece suit from Mango. Being tailored for perfection is obvious, and we couldn’t think of a more perfect shade of grey. 
  • The effortless blend of elevated style with comfortable basics keeps Margot’s style understated but still, one to watch. We love this simple look because recreating doesn’t feel like an impossible task.
Margot Robbie’s Off-Duty Style - The Particulars
Margot Robbie’s Off-Duty Style - The Particulars
  • Margot can often be spotted in oversized jackets, basic tees, and loose-fitting denim. The fit of this blazer took the outfit from sleek and timeless to a trend and was done in the best way. We’ve gathered that it all comes down to the proportions.
  • Everyone needs a good trenchcoat, so look no further. Margot has put her stamp of approval on a leather trench. It’s time to add one to your repertoire. We found a similar trench that is just as good from Farfetch. 

Feeling inspired? Us too. We can’t wait for the juxtaposition when watching Barbie, and knowing that the actress takes the lead in both scenarios.

Here are some selections to achieve your Margot Robbie bodega look.

  1. We love this Frankie Shop black pinstriped blazer
  2. Everyone needs a Chelsea boot in their life. That’s how Margot can run so fast through the airport:)
  3. White jeans of course!
  4. Classic Prada slingback!
  5. Staud oversized trousers are a staple.