Particular Travel Guide:

St. Moritz, Switzerland

The moment you step into this beautiful alpine paradise, everything you do, whether it's cozying up in your room, hitting the slopes, or indulging in delicious food, feels like a perfect mix of luxury and excitement.
My family and I kicked off our week-long Switzerland adventure in Zurich, where we had a blast exploring and, of course, loving every second in the Lindt Chocolate Factory (side note - how do I get a chocolate dispenser in my house!?). 

While Zurich was beautiful, and the chocolate was delicious, the next leg of our trip in St. Moritz was truly memorable. We took a three-hour train from Zurich to St. Moritz, only having to change trains once. Particular tip: grab snacks, water, and coffee from the train station cafe before you board incase your train doesn't have a food cart. The train conveniently drops you off right in the heart of St. Moritz; from there, your holiday begins!

Where to Stay

Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Tucked away in the stunning Alpine setting of St. Moritz, Badrutt's Palace Hotel has the old-world charm that you can't feel just anywhere. It is one of the most luxurious places to stay in St. Moritz and has been an iconic spot since 1896. It also caters seamlessly to families. The indoor/outdoor pool was a hit with my two boys (and, let's be honest, me as well). They have a ski locker room where they store all of your equipment and is only 5-15 minutes away from multiple mountains, including the popular Corviglia mountain. There are also several dining options located in and around the hotel.

A peak into our gorgeous suite.

Where To Eat

Chesa Veglia: Just five minutes away from Badrutt’s Palace are restaurants housed under one roof called "Chesa Veglia." Particular tip: Although it's only a five minute walk from the hotel, make sure to wear the right boots. The streets can get icy! I went for my classic rubber Chanel boots, but Sorels would also work well too.

Grill Chadafo:
Within Chesa Veglia, Grill Chadafo captures the essence of classic Swiss cuisine. The ambiance is cozy, and everything is made in a small wood oven and stove.

Pizzeria Heuboden:
Also housed in Chesa Veglia, Pizzeria Heuboden is a delightful ode to authentic Italian flavors with a focus on pizza. I enjoyed some of the best pizza I've had. The wine was also 100%.
On-Mountain Dining:

Paradiso: Reaching Paradiso is an adventure in itself, which which requires a chairlift ride and a 10-minute snowy trek. The easier alternative? Ski to it from anywhere on the mountain. You can eat in two areas: The Music Deck and The Mountain Club. We opted for The Music Deck, where there was a DJ and they served more comfort-style food like burgers.

White Marmot: White Marmot is on Corviglia Mountain, so you have to take two train rides to get there - worth it, though! They had some of the most beautiful cocktail presentations I've seen and know how to make a mean Aperol Spritz.
Restaurant Dorta:

We ventured twenty minutes from the hotel to Restaurant Dorta, a historical gem built in the 11th century. They have a private dining room in the basement, hidden behind a secret door, and you have to take a slide to enter - so cool! The food was traditional Swiss and of course we had fondue. It’s a MUST! Plus, they have great cocktails and an excellent wine list.

Header image credit: @paradisostmoritz