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HIRKA Cotton Cardigan Girls

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Color: Cotton Candy Pink Knit
Size: 2
Featuring intricate hand-knitting and embroidery, this open-front cardigan boasts a chunky, floral design crafted from organic cotton and natural dyes.

  • 100% Organic Cotton Cardigan Sweater
  • Handcrafted from all-natural cotton and dyes by a collective of stay-at-home mothers and caretakers in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Easygoing, open-style cardigan wrap
  • Features All-Over  Floral Inspired Embroidered in complimenting colorway tones
  • Length: 
  • Sleeve Length 
  • Made to Order
Melissa Akkaway


Melissa Akkaway

An interview with the most particular person we know, The Particulars founder Melissa Akkaway.