Brittany Van Domelen

CEO & Owner of O2 Aspen

Aspen native, Brittany Van Domelen began working at O2 Aspen in 2011 as a manager and assistant buyer. Drawn to the unique idea of creating a “one stop shop” for all things fitness, fashion, and beauty - Brittany learned the ins and outs of the day-to-day operations of O2. When the opportunity to buy the O2 Aspen Studio and Spa came up in 2015, Brittany knew she couldn’t pass it up!
Inspired by the daily muse of fitness and design, Brittany is dedicated to supporting the local business community of Aspen, offering jobs to hard-working locals, and providing the best services to clients who come from near and far.

Read on to learn more about O2, Brittany and her defintion of self care.
Brittany Van Domelen - The Particulars

Brittany Van Domelen - The Particulars

The Everydays:

Morning Routine in 5 Words: 
Coffee, Kid Dropoff, Workout, Sauna, Plunge
The best product you use in the morning: 
MBR Eye Cream Smooth
Who you spend your days with: 
Everyday is different and I like it that way. I appreciate my creative time alone in my office but I try to see friends for workouts or a coffee here and there.
Favorite Work Outfit: 
Splits 59 everything
Go-To Coffee or Tea Order: 
Almond milk latte with a dash/titch/dazzle of honey and cinnamon
The tv show or movie you always recommend: 
Recently I’ve LOVED the yellowstone prequels 1923 and 1883.
Who you spend your evenings with:
My kids and my husband. I love a couples dinner or backyard hang on the weekends.
The takeout dish you can't live without:
Gluten Free Pizza from Pizzana
Bedtime Routine in 5 Words:
Tea, Skincare, Show, Sleep by 9:30
The best product you use at night:
I like to roll my face with Environ Gold CIT Roller and layer Environ C-quence 2 and Defense cream on top

The Special Days:

Favorite Vacation Destination: 
So hard to pick one. Lake Como, Patagonia and Formentera
Favorite “Fancy” Look: 
Khaite fringe long sleeve dress, Alaia pumps and a Savette clutch. I have an amazing Suzanne Kalan tennis necklace I wear when I am dressing up.
Favorite Show / Concert / Performer you’ve seen: 
Gary Clark Jr. in a 200 person venue
Favorite way to celebrate yourself: 
Sharing a bottle of wine with the people I love.
The best gift you’ve ever received: 
It sounds cheesy but probably my healthy, happy kids.

The Funny Bits:

The best prank you've pulled:
I’m not much of a prankster but I do love surprising people.
Your High School Persona:
Sporty spice
Your Real Housewives Tagline: 
I’ve never watched it!!!
Best Costume You’ve Worn:
I absolutely hate costumes and costume parties.

Where We Can Find You:

Socials: @o2life @brittvandomelen
Current Location: O2 is located in Aspen and Dallas, I am located in Malibu personally.
Favorite Spot to Consume Content: The corner of my couch!
Where You Work: Home office, both stores and Soho / The Little Beach House Malibu

Brittany Van Domelen - The Particulars

Brittany Van Domelen - The Particulars

Brittany Van Domelen - The Particulars

More from Brittany:

You started as an employee at O2 in 2011. After working your way up and learning all sides of the business, you chose to take ownership of the company in 2015 (something we find so inspiring). How did you know this was the right opportunity for you?
O2 encompassed everything I love - fashion, fitness, wellness and beauty. There is no place like it. I really appreciated that O2 saves us all time - time from driving from place to place searching for these little bits of wellness that could easily be under one roof! I knew I could grow it, elevate it and expand it.
You’ve found the perfect way to integrate your two obsessions: fitness and design. What advice would you give other women who are trying to find a way to turn their passions into careers?
Set  daily goals, weekly goals and year end goals. Find other women around you who believe in you. Collaborate with them.  Also, read the book The Artist's Way.
You’re lucky enough that you grew up and now spend your free time in Aspen—one of our favorite travel destinations, but you’re also a big traveler yourself. What are your favorite ways or places to travel?
I love going to places that offer both adventure and relaxation. The fitness business owner inside of me loves a morning activity followed by a well earned indulgence. My favorite trip I have ever taken was a hiking trip to Patagonia. We hiked 20 miles a day, hot tubbed in the afternoon with champagne and slept 10 hours each night. I came back feeling so good instead of depleted.
What does self care mean to you?
Self care to me means giving yourself what you need in the moment you need it. Taking a pause during a stressful day for a yoga class, sleeping in when you’re extra tired or meeting a friend when you are feeling lonely. Women are under alot of pressure to be perfect. Self care happens when you’re willing to reject that idea and feed your soul what it really wants.